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Relative little is known about the biology of feather mites. At this point of time, there is only a small group of scientists worldwide working specifically on feather mites. On this occasion, they focus their attention mainly on systematic and taxonomic aspects. New findings in the field of morphology keep on leading to new classifications, revisions and renaming. This process will even intensify, since molecular biological methods and computer analysis are being set up by the help of morphological criteria.

Yet, absolutely new species of feather mites are being discovered by scientists. Through studies of the worldwide spread literature concerning this subject, there will probably be found further information about the biology. Most of all, references from Russia are expected to contribute.

It is the variety of so far approximately 2000 known species of feather mites which sets this group of acari in the point of interest. Almost all species of feather mites have their own way of life, even if sometimes only finely distinguished, due to their strong hostspecifity. For this reason, there cannot be found a universally applicable conclusion.

At this place, we can only give a rough overview on the biology of feather mites. It is needed to give a description on the feather structure, in order to exactly describe the way of life of feather mites.

We will of course publish latest discoveries from the literature of from own works at this place, to be found through the link of NEWS.